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Core Values

Our Core Values are a set of guiding principles that transcend the firm’s approach to our work, our clients and each other, driving our cohesiveness, inclusiveness and high-performance culture. They establish a high standard for our behavior, from key management decisions to how we react to opportunities and challenges.

We Are Guided by Our Clients’ Needs

  • We deliver the highest quality client service by having the deepest understanding of our client’s business and a leading edge, distinctive approach to practicing law,
  • We bring intense effort to all client work and ensure that each matter is staffed with the most qualified attorney to meet client needs,
  • We are unerringly responsive to our clients and to one another,
  • We view each engagement as a chance to prove our value,
  • We create opportunities for others in the Firm and in the industries in which we are a leader,
  • We are a firm who has benefitted from a large cadre of long-standing client relationships and view our future success as a matter of continuing to enhance and develop our existing client relationships, and
  • We demonstrate the highest standards of ethics with clients and with one another.

Respect Is a Hallmark of Our Culture

  • We are collaborative,
  • We encourage teamwork in everything we do,
  • We are adaptable and make important decisions in the Firm’s interest by consensus of the majority,
  • We treat one another with civility, but remain candid and enjoy lively debate,
  • We are transparent and expect active participation from everyone to achieve Firm goals, and
  • We are accountable to one another.

We Always Strive to Be a Stronger and Better Firm

  • We are dedicated to mentoring, developing and retaining our diverse talent to be highly respected leaders in their chosen fields as well as in the firm and to realize their full potential,
  • We strive to deliver the highest level of client service during and between engagements, and we proactively seek ways in which we can keep clients abreast of legal developments affecting their business,
  • We expect everyone to take initiative to be productive for the firm through dedicated client service, client development, hard work, firm citizenship, community service and pro bono, and
  • We commit to achieving superior economic performance in order to establish enduring success in developing clients, hiring and retaining diverse talent and creating a strong future for the firm.