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About Us

Founded in New York in 1917, Kaye Scholer combines the continuity and business acumen of a century-old law firm with a practical forward-looking, results-driven approach. Focusing on two key sectors, life sciences and financial services, the firm draws on its strengths in bankruptcy, corporate, finance, intellectual property, litigation, real estate and tax to offer strategic guidance and sophisticated legal counsel to public and private entities in litigation, transactional or governance matters. Kaye Scholer’s lawyers regularly advise clients across multiple legal jurisdictions, including the US, Canada, UK, EU and China.

Industry Focused. Client Driven.

To help your company stay ahead of the market, we provide the legal services necessary to anticipate and address those problems that affect the very foundations of your business. We draw on our in-depth knowledge of core industries, ability to identify emerging trends to help you exploit new opportunities, and rely on technological advances to effectively manage matters, contain costs and better communicate complex issues to clients, courts or those seated opposite us in the board room.

Over the years, we have built close relationships with clients in life sciences, financial services and real estate. We also have significant experience advising key players in the technology, consumer products, transportation and energy & infrastructure sectors. Indeed, 83 of our clients have been with Kaye Scholer for more than 20 years, including Pfizer, Novartis, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Onex Corporation, The Hershey Company and Time Warner Cable to name just a few.

Because we have focused on key industries for decades, we possess the depth and breadth to consistently deliver quality lawyering at all levels and use a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to address all the issues related to your matter. This industry experience also allows us to identify potential opportunities or arrange introductions between firm clients to explore synergies or joint ventures to further your business objectives, helping us function not just as your legal counsel, but as your strategic business partner.

Our Approach

It’s rare when a legal assignment doesn’t touch on multiple facets of the law. An M&A transaction, for example, may also raise issues related to tax liability, executive compensation, SEC or FTC approval, while a product liability threat often is accompanied by regulatory investigations, product recalls, false advertising allegations, creditors’ rights claims, IP disputes, even criminal investigations. We therefore take a comprehensive, holistic approach to solve complex issues in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Kaye Scholer utilizes a full range of AFAs, tailored to fit a specific assignment based on an open conversation about the scope of work and client objectives prior to the start of any project. For any AFA to be successful, a good line of communication is essential and allows all involved to set clear expectations from the start. We regularly revisit benchmarks with you to track progress, aggressively monitor fees and provide ongoing updates on accrued fees to avoid surprises, allowing us to work with you to immediately address any inefficiencies. We also employ a centralized pricing management system to ensure pricing and billing functions operate smoothly and deliver service continuity.

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