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Sheila Boston

What makes Kaye Scholer such a great place to practice law?
The incredibly smart and talented people—attorneys and support staff.

Why did you choose to practice at Kaye Scholer?
The high ranking product liability practice, the people, the commitment to pro bono services and the diversity and inclusion initiatives.

What does it take to succeed at Kaye Scholer?
A strong work ethic, a keen legal acumen, an entrepreneurial and cooperative spirit . . . . and as one becomes more senior, a book of business helps!

What should potential summer associates look for to maximize their Kaye Scholer experience?
Talk to people and get to know them. So much helpful information can be gleaned from conversations, interactions, and hands-on work experience with people at the firm.

How has Kaye Scholer helped you grow as an attorney and as a leader?
I have had great mentors and role models at the firm who have served as shining examples of top-notch attorneys and leaders, and they have been very supportive of my journey in leadership roles—sometimes making the needed introductions, referrals, or simply encouraging me when I had doubts or hesitation about taking on a major leadership role.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on what it takes to be a great lawyer?
Never allow yourself to become complacent; be flexible and always willing to learn something new; and remember that this is a service sector, so value and nurture your relationships with others.

What defines/comprises quality Kaye Scholer client service in your practice area?
The products liability group often has to function in a “virtual law firm” structure, so it is important that we are able to “play nicely in the sandbox”; we are flexible and can serve as local, regional or national counsel in large complex litigations; we can provide the expertise in strategic decisions through counseling and write successful briefs, as well as try cases; we stay abreast of legal trends and cutting edge ideas in our field of law; we were among the first to develop alternative fee arrangements for our clients; and we pride ourselves on learning the business of our clients and working in partnership with them on their legal matters.

What’s your top tip for successfully integrating work-life demands?
My motto is “work hard, play hard.” There is no such thing as true balance in an attorney’s life. There are days when work takes precedence and days when family/life takes precedence. The key is accepting that fact and using good judgment in prioritizing the competing interests in your life.

Where did you go on your most recent vacation?
For our wedding anniversary, my husband and I traveled to Italy! We went to Rome, Florence, Sienna, and Vienna; it was Buonissimo!

Sheila Boston