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Andrew Peace

What makes Kaye Scholer such a great place to practice law?
The people. Kaye Scholer isn’t a law firm it’s a community. People take pride in getting to know each other and go out of their way to attend events, reach out to new staff and help younger attorneys grow in their career.

Why did you choose to practice at Kaye Scholer?
The opportunity to do top-tier legal work in a non-competitive, friendly environment drew me to the firm. Although the summer events didn’t hurt either. . . 

What does it take to succeed at Kaye Scholer?
As a junior attorney, I believe that the two most important things are making the effort to be available and having a willingness to learn.

What should potential summer associates look for to maximize their Kaye Scholer experience?
I would recommend that summer associates take the time to meet and interact with as many lawyers, in as many different practice groups as possible. It’s a great way to learn about the culture of not only the firm, but also the individual practice groups.

How has Kaye Scholer helped you grow as an attorney and as a leader?
From the beginning, I have been given the opportunity to interact with clients and opposing counsel on a regular basis, which has allowed me to hone the skills that I believe make for a successful lawyer.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received on what it takes to be a great lawyer?
Take advantage of being surrounded by the exceptional lawyers here by asking questions and learning as much as possible.

What defines/comprises quality Kaye Scholer client service in your practice area?
Regardless of what issues come up, having a willingness to adapt and respond accordingly to close the deal.

What’s your top tip for successfully integrating work-life demands?
I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Where did you go on your most recent vacation?
North Carolina to visit my mom.

Andrew Peace