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“They provide a first-rate service, they are always available and they work extremely well together. They also have a good knowledge of - and sensitivity to - commercial, business and financial issues."—Chambers USA 2013 MEHR

A successful defense case is one that’s over. Trying a case in which the jury finds for our client is a wonderful outcome, and one at which we excel. But going to trial in the first place might not be in the client’s best interest.

The potential cost, time and risk involved all must be carefully weighed when determining an effective legal strategy. That’s why clients turn to us when they have a litigation matter they want resolved in the most cost-effective way possible. We work with them to define and develop an endgame plan that makes sense based on their unique needs, incorporating the following strategies:

Proven Leadership

Clients regularly take advantage of our extensive background in effective case and project management by selecting us to serve as national coordinating counsel for multi-jurisdictional litigation. We collaborate with both the client and, when a matter transcends the capabilities of a single law firm, other firms to develop sophisticated strategies for our clients. Kaye Scholer lawyers are well-known for using their thoughtful guidance to cultivate among their talented peers professional relationships defined by cooperation rather than competition.

Risk Management

Our 250 skilled litigators help clients prepare for, minimize and avoid potential problems long before they arise. We are particularly adept at performing due diligence to anticipate potential disputes and regulatory challenges, often collaborating with our accomplished transactional teams to take full advantage of the firm’s talent on a matter. Our strategic advice has helped resolve countless disputes outside of a courtroom.

At Your Defense

When a trial is unavoidable, we litigate aggressively on our clients’ behalf before state and federal judges at both the district court and appellate level. Our experience compiling and analyzing the factual work-up of the opposition’s case, developing the defense strategy, preparing witnesses and experts for depositions and cross-examinations, and writing advocacy documents gives clients a winning edge.

Global Outreach

When it comes to handling complex international commercial disputes and arbitrations, we have unparalleled experience directing a vast network of litigators, maximizing efficiency in jurisdictions across not just several states but also several countries. As veteran leaders, our lawyers deftly manage the entire process of building a robust network known as a “virtual law firm,” from developing a guiding strategy to recruiting accomplished local counsel and jury consultants around the globe.

Experience Counts

Our litigators served in diverse roles before joining Kaye Scholer. Many have served as in-house counsel to government agencies, advisors to congressional committees, law school professors, federal and state prosecutors, trustees, and law clerks to justices of the US Supreme Court and to other federal and state courts. Others have advanced degrees in business, engineering, technology and natural sciences.

Second Opinion Service

The medical profession has long recognized the important role of second opinions.  When faced with the prospect of major surgery, a patient often seeks another doctor’s opinion to ensure that the proposed treatment is the right one. But when faced with high-risk, big-stakes litigation that threatens the financial well-being of a company, soliciting a second opinion is often overlooked. Kaye Scholer offers a Second Opinion Service to companies facing such litigation working with a seasoned trial lawyer, a noted appellate advocate and respected jurist for a fixed fee. For more, click here.  

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