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Joseph F. Clark (10/30/14)

Joseph F. Clark is an Associate in the firm’s Complex Commercial Litigation Department and concentrates his practice in commercial litigation, securities and derivative litigation, and internal and government investigations. Joseph has experience extensive representing individual officers and directors of corporations in shareholder lawsuits as well as in actions brought by regulatory agencies. He has also represented both corporations and individuals in a variety of government and law enforcement investigations, including investigations by the SEC, DOJ and CFTC.

Kaye Scholer Update: Justice Department Issues McNulty Memorandum (10/24/14)

New Developments: (i) The Department of Justice Announces Revisions to the McNulty Memorandum But Leaves Unanswered Questions About Privilege Waiver; and (ii) The Second Circuit Affirms Judge Kaplan's KPMG Ruling (10/24/14)

The SEC Cracks Down on Transactions and Holdings Filing Violations (10/24/14)

D.C. Circuit Vacates Controversial KBR Ruling (10/23/14)

Supreme Court Adopts a “Midway Position” on the Fraud-on-the-Market Theory in Securities Class Actions (10/23/14)

D.C. District Court Ruling Puts Government Contractor’s Privileged Internal Investigation Reports in Jeopardy of Disclosure (10/23/14)

Fourth Circuit Finds Violations of FDA Safety Regulations Do Not Support False Claims Act Liability (10/23/14)

A Possible “Midway Position” on the Fraud-on-the-Market Theory in Securities Class Actions? (10/23/14)

Mark Cuban Defense Verdict Highlights Difficulty of Proving “Misappropriation” Theory of Insider Trading (10/23/14)


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