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Diversity Statement from Managing Partners

At Kaye Scholer LLP we are proud of our commitment to diversity and equal opportunity. We work actively to foster an inclusive work environment, support minority-owned vendors and enrich our firm's culture through our diversity and inclusion initiatives for lawyers and staff.

The firm's commitment to diversity and equal opportunity is reflected in its mission to attract, retain, and advance a diverse group of lawyers and staff. Kaye Scholer is home to individuals from varied cultural, educational, religious and ethnic backgrounds, making it a vibrant and engaging community. We strongly believe that promoting diversity in background and perspective strengthens our entire firm.

At Kaye Scholer, we recognize that diversity among our professionals is a necessity if we are to best serve the needs of our increasingly diverse clientele. Kaye Scholer enthusiastically supports programs designed to ensure that our own makeup adequately reflects the growing ranks of diversity in business today. Our commitment begins early, when we urge summer associates to meet with more senior lawyers to develop enduring mentoring relationships. Our affinity group programs continue to support our attorneys as they develop in their careers. Kaye Scholer has an active Diversity Committee consisting of approximately thirty attorneys of all levels of seniority, including partners, counsel, senior attorneys and associates. Working through various subcommittees, the members of the Diversity Committee assist in attracting and hiring a diverse class of attorneys, promote community-building, and provide training as well as host events that promote awareness of diversity issues.

We at Kaye Scholer are committed to fostering and maintaining an inclusive work environment where individual differences among us are respected, valued and recognized as a source of strength of the firm. We believe that offering diverse perspectives to our clients enhances our counsel and sparks intellectual energy within the firm.

Michael Solow
Managing Partner