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“Sick and Fired!—What Are Employers
Allowed to Do?” Seminar

September 28, 2016

Kaye Scholer’s Frankfurt office will be hosting a breakfast seminar addressing the following questions relating to employer options when dealing with frequently sick employees:

  • Which actions may an employer take if an employee is frequently sick for consecutive days?
  • What are other considerations regarding long-term illness?
  • How many days of sick leave have to be borne?
  • How can a decision of termination due to sickness be socially justifiable?
  • Under which circumstances is an employer allowed and able to ask for details about a forecast of the employee’s sickness and recovery?

A team of Kaye Scholer Labor & Employment lawyers will answer these and other questions, as well as explain measures of operational reintegration after an employee’s long-term sickness that have to be taken before termination of an employment. Our attorneys will also be available for continued discussion after the session.

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Where & When

September 28, 2016 7:45am

Bockenheimer Landstr. 25

60325 Frankfurt am Main