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Speck Designated as "Groundbreaking Lawyer" and Quoted on Electrical Transmission Issues

November 2009

The Public Utilities Fortnightly, the premier national publication on electricity and gas regulation, designated Randall L. Speck, Partner in the Washington, DC office, as one of the "Groundbreaking Lawyers of 2009." These lawyers were described as "the industry's most insightful, informed, and hard-working of people - all of them law-firm lawyers serving energy companies, regulatory agencies and consumer groups." Mr. Speck was cited particularly for his work with public utility commissions on issues related to electric transmission and reliability. The accompanying article analyzing "legal and regulatory changes that are transforming the industry" quoted Mr. Speck as saying, "If we make commitments to transmission, it will dictate how we develop energy resources. If we build a transmission line to North Dakota, you can be sure we'll site lots of wind turbines in North Dakota, but that might not ultimately be the best solution to the problem. There may be other, more localized alternatives that won't require such a huge investment in transmission .... In general, deregulation hasn't produced the competition and price reductions that were anticipated, so a number of states have begun a process of retrenching. This has been stimulated by reliability concerns ... when [utilities] had to go outside the market for capacity. They concluded that energy markets alone weren't sufficient to give generators enough incentive." Finally, one of Mr. Speck's cases, Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control v. FERC, for which a cert petition is pending, was designated as one of the "Top 10 Groundbreaking Legal Decisions in 2009."

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