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Trademark, Copyright & False Advertising Newsletter

Fall 2013

In This Issue:

  • Starbucks Loses Another Round in the Long-Running Dilution Battle Against the Maker of “Charbucks” Coffee
  • Judge Rules That Google Books Project Is Fair Use
  • Seventh Circuit Affirms Certification of Washing Machine Purchaser Class Action Despite Lack of Uniform Injury
  • Third Circuit Denies Class Certification on Ascertainability Grounds Where Membership in the Putative Class Would Turn on Class Member Affidavits Regarding Purchases
  • Trademark Owner Asks Supreme Court to Weigh In on Whether the TTAB’s Determination of Likelihood of Confusion Is Binding in Subsequent Infringement Litigation in Federal Court
  • “Dope” Indemnity Claim for Copyright Infringement? Think Again!

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