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Kaye Scholer lawyers have been advocates for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as a cost- and time-effective alternative to litigation. International and domestic arbitrations, minitrials, and mediations make up a growing part of our practice as clients seek swifter, more flexible ways of resolving disputes. 全部显示

We draw upon the experience of our tax, bankruptcy, corporate and litigation departments as we counsel clients in such ADR related issues as preventing disputes, reducing costs of settling disputes and training clients in the tools to practice ADR on their own.

Kaye Scholer lawyers are recognized for their academic, scholarly and professional contributions to the field of ADR as members of the ABA and Center for Public Resources Committees on ADR and as adjunct faculty and frequent contributors to relevant journals. Additionally, we have experience serving as neutral mediators and arbitrators, having mediated multi-party disputes filed in governmental agencies and the courts, and have resolved construction disputes, insurance coverage actions and employment discrimination matters, among others.

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